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Monday, April 3, 2017

Commercial Renovation and Remodeling

Interested in renovating your business? Bkny Contractors is the perfect choice, because we understand that a commercial renovation is always a considerable investment. Not only does it draw on your business’s capital but the end result needs to be carefully considered in a way that improves not only the appearance of your workplace but also your bottom line. Each unique business model requires careful study to develop a renovation strategy that will increase things like productivity, foot traffic, or social interaction and ambiance.

For example, what works for a retail storefront business or high-energy sales office is going to be vastly different from a restaurant model, and even then, the type of store or restaurant is crucial to your design plans. So while a softly lit, romantic theme might work for a corner side French bistro in Manhattan, it’s certainly not ideal for a family style Italian eatery in the theater district.
Contact us today for a free consultation and let Bkny Contractors develop a commercial renovation plan that will maximize the appearance of your workplace while minimizing any interruptions to your workflow.

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